Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dodge Havoc and Destroy Dust Bunnies


Want an easy way to make your system significantly slow and sluggish? Run it on the floor in a room full of dust for a year and let it slowly absorb every particle. Your PC is not a vacuum. If your CPU heat sink looks like this, I should turn you in for attempted arson. Please excuse the sarcasm. Just take note: The computer I pulled this from had a bad stick of RAM preventing it from booting. The RAM on this particular model Dell Inspiron 530s like many others sits next to the CPU. Heat dammage? It's likely. I identified the problem from 4 short beeps from the BIOS on post. I used an air can to blow the dust out and a vacuum next by to catch it. An old toothbrush to loosen the remaining dust in the corners, and one last vacuuming to finish the job.